Houseworks: Scythe

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 Houseworks: Scythe, 2010

A 12 min performance (or maybe just a piece?) for amplified scythe, wirelessly transmitted to evolving synthesizer patch. Initially planned as a part of collaborative restoration of the abandoned house's garden, beautifully located on top of the lone hill, facing west over tobacco fields.

The other artists, sadly, were a little bit reluctant to do the cleaning up and my equipment was constantly failing, so I did it once again on my own, just by the barn where we lived. It is actually the third 'take', because of power outages and then neighbours complaints. So in the end I was almost dead after 40 minutes of struggle with blunting scythe and thriving bushy meadow.

But it was worth it.


This performance was a part of the Fragile Boredom workshops -

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