Wilhelm Bras, Séance 2021

A Necrocene soundtrack while not all is lost. Adventurous, narrative and postrockish. Gloomy yet frenzied, explorative but accessible, multifaceted and totally danceable.


Recorded 2018-2019, it is what it is. No vinyl this time sorry, as the previous one is still very much with us, in spades. You can have neat limited cassette or maybe the cd later on, streaming as well will be available.

"I did the first shooting in Warsaw city center in May 2020, and the second one a year later, bridging two different mindsets, one of fear and another of cautious, exhausted hope. You can see deserted streets yet a booming development after that. The underground music and dance communities were hit particularly hard, with broken social ties and closed venues, while raging post-capitalism is forcing its relentless way forward. This is my tribute to the club culture community fighting the odds of 2020/2021."

camera, editing by Wilhelm Bras (Paweł Kulczyński)
released September 3, 2021

Composed, performed, mixed and mastered
by Wilhelm Bras (Paweł Kulczyński) 2018-2020