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Fragile Boredom is an open platform curated by Paweł Kulczyński, established to confront the wide fields of experimental music and modern art. We want to arrange creative opportunities, provide tools, invent new contexts and spread ideas among artists, theoreticians and audiences. We declare a wide spectrum of interests, no ‘regular’ activities, an elastic and ephemeral identity that fulfills approaching needs.
Participating artists, FB1:  Erik Bünger, Marcin Dymiter, Lawrence English, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Bartek Kujawski, Paweł Kulczyński, Bartek Materka, Maciej Nejman, Robert Piotrowicz, Anna Zaradny


My dream comes true and winter nights helped a lot. The very first working module of my modular synth (ok, second, but that will come later ;)

One may ask what is the reason to make your own electronic devices. Well, when you play pop it would be really stupid to built a synth yourself. But when it comes to experimental electronics, things are different here. The details come to focus, tiny bits of sounds start to matter. Composers in the 50's and 60's have been making their own synths, or were closely participating in building and designing process, because the composing methods and hardware used were often intertwined and there were no synths to buy.

1st solo exhibition at Kronika, Centre for Contemporary Art, Bytom

Dbaj o estetykę wyglądu była pierwszą indywidualną wystawą Pawła Kulczyńskiego. Składała się z kilkudziesięciu zdjęć, slajd-show, 2 filmów oraz instalacji dźwiękowej. Kronika, wrzesień 2008

poniżej teksty Sebastiana Cichockiego i Stanisława Rukszy

A constant need for a new (or rather old) sound gear makes me feel a little bit guilty of being stuck into 'want-buy-new-stuff-to-make-better-art' scheme. So I had decided to somehow punish myself by doing it with my bare hands and well, it's kind of working! Luckily a lot of plans of classic studio gear I'm really fond of are released into public domain. After intensive winter-nights training I managed to build the first box I've always wanted to get - a functional replica of the famous SSL4000 desk stereo summing compressor, very useful in audio mixing and for final touch in live acts also.

There is more DIY studio stuff ahead of me, preparations are under way, big stereo tube-only preamp is coming, but probably next winter ;)

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