Tropajn a/v Sperm Festival Praha 2008

tropajn live at Sperm Festival, Praha, 2008, video available

Paweł Kulczyński (Tropajn) a/v live at Sperm Festival, 2008 Paweł Kulczyński (Tropajn) a/v live at Sperm Festival, 2008

a note from the festival leaflet:

Pawel has been exploring various fields of musical activity for the last ten years, with a special view to indeterminacy and randomness as the sources of inspirations and new methods/strategies of working with audio. Devoted to dated musical hardware (tape decks, samplers) he blends its sonic artifacts with carefully programmed modern gear in order to create unique compound. Focused on the improvised, ambient-noise R'N'D project recently, but always with a broader look to the other genres. He considers himself as the ever-changing biological random generator that needs to be effectively restraint. Motto for the forthcoming year: "In a situation provided with maximum amplification (no feedback), perform a disciplined action." John Cage, 1962