Fulcrum on 32-speaker 3D sound array 2023

My ambisonics piece, 'Fulcrum', was presented on a 32-speaker 3D sound array in its mature form at ASP Katowice as my residency grand finale.

photo K.Krzętowski photo K.Krzętowski

Needless to say, it was a blast for me. A perfect combination of friendly circumstances, a splendid PA, and, last but not least, a sophisticated composition I now feel completely at ease with, which took more than a year to develop. Spatially synthesized instruments with 16 sources each, a feature that truly stands out, are all parametrically driven culminating in a living, breathing electroacoustic apparatus of the modern age, humbly following Xenakis's example. Lasers, lights and tech supoport by Piort Ceglarek i Jan Dybała, coordination Matylda Badera, photo Kacper Krzętowski.

nice review (in Polish) https://ruchmuzyczny.pl/article/3661-dzwiekowy-punkt-podparcia-w-niepewnych-czasach

> IG reel with interview